Promotional & Marketing Photography for BELONG @ GAME 

Set up at the end of 2016, BELONG was launched to kick start the future, and retail sales for the video game industry for GAME stores.
Partnered with both Microsoft and Sony, customers and video game enthusiasts can pay-to-play with their friends online in battle modes, play newly released games and experience the new technology available to them.

In conjunction with the release of PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, the gaming arenas are primed to push the boundaries within their stores. Allowing customers to interact on a whole new level with video games and technology.

Only a handful of GAME stores had gaming arenas installed within their shops by December 2016, and Cribbs Causeway was one of the lucky few.

I was tasked with producing a small selection of promotional shots to be used by the Cribbs Causeway store, over their social media accounts and general marketing use.
GAME is hoping that these new areas will start to build a community of gamers, help introduce customers to new hardware and technology, but also to change the way video games are perceived within retail.


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